Gospel Partners


WEST is partnering with United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) to develop LookingforGod.com – a website designed to communicate the gospel to people on the Internet. The aim is to get a person who is ‘Looking for God’ online to connect with a local gospel hearted church, where they can meet with people and learn more about what it means to be a follower...

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OM Europe

Working in every region of the world and on every ocean (via an ocean-going ship), Operation Mobilisation seeks to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God. In every situation OM teams adapt to the local culture and situation, finding the best ways to share Jesus’ message.  Being responsive to the growing demand for evangelism and church planting in Europe, OM...

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SaRang Community Church

WEST has forged a unique gospel partnership with SaRang Community Church in Seoul, Korea. SaRang are eager to help support and serve Wales spiritually and, to this end, have made WEST their base of operations. (This desire is seen as the repayment of a debt that can be traced right back to the martyrdom of Welsh missionary Robert Jermain Thomas in Pyongyang in 1866.) As a...

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