Sabbaticals and Furloughs

WEST welcomes applications from pastors, missionaries and other Christian workers who desire variable periods of study and in-service training.

1. Appreciation

Those who have already spent their sabbatical time, or parts of it, in WEST express appreciation for the encouragement, stimulus and fellowship enjoyed during their study leave in the School.

2. Need

Pastors and missionaries need opportunities to be taught by others in order to gain fresh stimulation for their own study and ministry of the Word. Churches and agencies also benefit as a direct result of representatives spending sabbaticals here at WEST.

3. Flexibility

The School endeavours to be flexible concerning the length of these periods of study, although this may be subject to student numbers and availability of accommodation. Periods of study can range from a few days to a term or even a whole year.

4. Benefits

  • Opportunity for reflection and rest
  • Informal fellowship with staff and students
  • Participation in formal prayer and worship services within the international WEST community
  • Links with good Bible teaching churches in the area
  • Assignment to a personal tutor
  • Use of library facilities
  • Guided reading
  • The choice of sitting in on some classes

5. Application

Normally, it is necessary to plan well in advance of a proposed sabbatical and WEST is happy to advise concerning preferred dates, accommodation, scheme of study and costs. The application process is uncomplicated and quick. Just click APPLY.

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